Scary Seagulls-July 27, 2022

So I am on a short out of town trip to the beach. It is a new beach that I’ve never been to. It’s super beautiful and the town is small and cute. The scene is idyllic–except for the seagulls everywhere. They are filling up the sky wherever we go, as numerous as stars. Their sound is a cacophony of insistent screeches and squawks, and it seems like they are going out of their way to be annoying. We even saw a man run out of a a bar, wielding a pool stick like a broadsword, waving it at the gulls and shouting at them. The rooftops of all the hotels are stained white from poop, rendering the solar panels useless. I’m pretty sure there’s a horror movie in here somewhere, hee, hee.

For today’s prompt, write about something that seems harmless but is actually super annoying or scary.

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