Different Paths-June 23, 2022

Today in class a student and I were talking about the different paths that are possible to take during and after high school. I told him a story about a former coworker I had who never graduated from high school due to getting pregnant, but then went on to community college, a four year university, a master’s degree, then into teaching and educational administration. Sometimes the paths we intend to take work out to be something entirely different. There are many different directions we can take, but eventually we can still get to our desired destination. Or maybe we find a new destination that works out even better than our original intention. Or maybe not, but we learn a lot from the experience and grow as a person.

For today’s prompt, write about an unexpected path that you have taken in your life.

The Stowaway-June 22, 2022

Today we took a field trip at my school, and we ended up with an extra student who was discovered when we arrived at the destination. The student claims it was her first day at the school; I haven’t heard yet if the story checked out, but it was definitely suspicious! But it gave me the idea for today’s prompt:

Write about a time when you went somewhere (intentionally or unintentionally) where you were not supposed to be.

Crazy Mad-June 21, 2022

Today one of my students told me a couple of stories about crazy things she did when she was really mad at her boyfriend. I won’t give away too much incriminating information here, but let’s just say there was a lot of damage done to both his body and his home. Her stories gave me the idea for today’s prompt.

Write about a time when you were so angry that you did something crazy, or something that you later regretted.

Artist’s Dates-June 20, 2022

One of my favorite authors is Julia Cameron, who writes books on creativity and inspiration. You can check out my favorite book by Julia Cameron here: The Artist’s Way

Although Julia Cameron is probably most famous for her “Morning Pages” exercise that suggests writing three pages each morning of whatever comes to your mind, I actually want to talk about one of her other exercises–the Artist Date. In the Artist Date, you simply take yourself somewhere that interests you. The idea is that doing something that interests you and feeds your soul will help replenish your creativity.

I’m feeling the need to take an Artist Date soon. I’m not sure where I will go or what I will do yet, but I’d love to hear some of your ideas.

If you had a day to take an “Artist Date,” where would you go? What would you do? What do you imagine this day will look like?

We’re always growing-June 19, 2022

Today many people are celebrating Father’s Day, as well as Juneteenth. Today’s prompt is inspired by my father, who loves to grow things. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, squash, you name it. He loves cultivating beautiful vegetables, then cooking them or gifting them to friends and family. The vegetables are always delicious and wonderful–he’s very good at growing them.

For today’s prompt, write about something that you are growing in your own life (either literally or figuratively).

Amazing people-June 18, 2022

Today I saw an article about my cousin, who just became the first female Type 1 wildland firefighter in the history of Arapahoe County in Colorado. I’m so impressed and inspired by her. It’s always inspiring to me to see people living their dreams, especially unconventional ones.

You can read the article here if you like


So today’s writing prompt is in honor of my boss cousin: Write about someone you know who is amazing.

First Job-June 17, 2022

Today I worked with a student to write a resume and begin job searching. As we worked on this task together, I remembered my first job. My cousins owned a European bakery, and they hired me to make coffee and sandwiches and sell pastries. I loved the warm, sweet bakery scents, the brick and stone walls of the old building, and the sound of Ella Fitzgerald resonating through the open dining area. I remember the French woman who always asked for me specifically to make her cappuccino. I remember the holiday pie rush and the never-ending lists of orders tacked to the bulletin board, the line snaking out the door for the bakery’s delicious pies. It was a wonderful first job, and I hope my student and everyone else out there has an opportunity for a similar pleasurable experience.

For today’s prompt, write about your first job (whether good or bad!). If you are a student and haven’t worked yet, imagine your first job.

Frustration Nation-June 15, 2022

It seems like everyone is frustrated these days. Gas prices, crazy politics, out of control violence…the list goes on and on. Some students came in super frustrated today because we have several teachers out and the subs filling in are struggling to manage the demands of the classroom. I did my best to calm them down and try to redirect, but once you feel so frustrated, it’s hard to shift gears. Sigh, I think the entire nation needs a massage and a bar of chocolate.

For your writing prompt today, write about something that is frustrating you.

The Masks We Wear-June 14, 2022

My students like to visit me during classes that are not theirs. I have one student who visits frequently, usually making some kind of animal noise (chihuahua barking is his favorite sound) or making some other kind of grand entrance. Today, he walked in during 2nd period wearing a crazy panda mask. I wasn’t even sure it was him, except that he’s a very regular visitor and a bit of his curly hair was sticking out of the back of the mask. It was weird and creepy to see this panda head walk in silently. The silent part was the strangest part about the whole encounter, really! The student’s total change in demeanor while inside this panda head got me thinking metaphorically about the masks that we wear and provided the inspiration for today’s writing prompt.

Write about a “mask” that you wear, or have worn, in your life.