Why you gotta be so rude?-July 11, 2022

So I’m taking an autism class right now. The class is online, and I’m getting used to using the platform (which is super clunky and requires way too much clicking, btw!). The professor is a public school special educator administrator. I have asked him questions twice and both times he has been super rude and accused me of not reading the syllabus. Well, today he didn’t accuse me directly but sent one of those annoying emails to everyone in the class that said “some of you aren’t reading the syllabus”…The sad thing is, I looked all over the platform multiple times before sending the email, and the information I was looking for was so buried and convoluted that it made no sense. I don’t know why the dude couldn’t just answer my question directly without the rudeness-I am paying to take his freakin’ class and obviously I’m doing my best to read and digest the material. I can’t believe someone in special education would react this way to a working professional who’s just trying to do her best. We don’t all process information the same, jerk! You of all people should know this! Seriously!

But my frustration and vent leads me to your writing prompt for today:

Write about a time when someone was really rude to you.

And on the bright side, it was a good reminder to me as a teacher to never snap at my students for asking a question, even if I think they should have paid better attention or read more carefully. I think I will write his name on a post-it note to put on my computer to remember how I felt. The post-it will say “Don’t be KC!”

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