Dealing with Dread

I am facing a sense of dread these last few days. While I am excited to see my students and meet new ones, there is a coworker whom I’m dreading to have to interact with again. This person is very toxic and damaging, and I’m not quite sure I have a good strategy yet to deal with them. Thus, the sense of dread I feel is growing day by day. I’m trying not to let this feeling dampen my usual back to school excitement, but it’s tough.

For today’s writing prompt, write about how you deal with a sense of dread.

NOT on my Bucket List-July 29, 2022

Driving back from the beach trip today, we saw a group of people parasailing high above some cliffs that were high above the ocean. Just looking at them from afar made me get that shaky feeling in my knees whenever I see or even think about heights. The parasails looked beautiful in the air, so graceful and free, but the whole scene was terrifying to me. Just like when I see skydivers, bungee-jumpers, roller coasters on top of buildings, or clear skyscrapers. Nope. No thanks. Not on my bucket list. To each their own, but I hope I never have to try one of those actives.

For today’s prompt, write about something that you NEVER want to do.

sea sunny flying beach
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Magical Juxtapositions-July 28, 2022

I went to the coolest spot today–a tiny bookstore with high ceilings, crammed high with books, books, books. The back of the bookstore led to a beautiful garden, with a delicious scent and all kinds of gorgeous flowers. This was the most lovely juxtaposition of books and nature. I felt like this was my own personal heaven. There was also a wedding chapel in the back. If I ever get married, this is where I want to go.

Inspired by one of the coolest bookstores I’ve seen, write about a place you’ve visited or seen that is a little bit magical.

A flower in the garden at Coalesce Bookstore, Morro Bay, CA

Scary Seagulls-July 27, 2022

So I am on a short out of town trip to the beach. It is a new beach that I’ve never been to. It’s super beautiful and the town is small and cute. The scene is idyllic–except for the seagulls everywhere. They are filling up the sky wherever we go, as numerous as stars. Their sound is a cacophony of insistent screeches and squawks, and it seems like they are going out of their way to be annoying. We even saw a man run out of a a bar, wielding a pool stick like a broadsword, waving it at the gulls and shouting at them. The rooftops of all the hotels are stained white from poop, rendering the solar panels useless. I’m pretty sure there’s a horror movie in here somewhere, hee, hee.

For today’s prompt, write about something that seems harmless but is actually super annoying or scary.

nature sky bird holiday
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Okay, okay, I’ll do it–July 26, 2022

I am a self-proclaimed small car person. Actually, I would love to live without a car at all and I try not to use my car for walkable errands, but having a car is really a necessity where I live. So I drive a small car and enjoy the agility of it, even if the backseat is practically non-existent. However, my significant other has what I call a great big frickin’ truck– like it’s a monster, a beast, a tank, a gargantuan, colossal cruise-ship size vehicle. That is a bit hyperbolic, but you get the idea.

Well, tonight, he and some coworkers consumed a vast quantity of beer to celebrate the end of a project. The coworkers needed to be driven home, so I volunteered. My little car has a child seat in the back and SO didn’t want to take it out or force the two guys to huddle like teenage sweethearts in the aforementioned tiny backseat, so he said I was going to drive the truck. I balked for a minute because it feels like that beast is driving me and not the other way around, but he insisted so I relented. After driving down the dark road for a minute or so, I have to admit it wasn’t that bad. The cool wind was whipping through the cab and some OutKast came on the radio. People saw the huge beast coming and promptly moved out of the way. I dropped off the guys successfully and my only mishap was running over a beer bottle that I didn’t see bc that monster truck is so frickin’ high off the ground. Don’t ask me about parking it, though…that’s an adventure for another day.

For today’s prompt, write about a time when someone pushed you to do something you didn’t really want to do, and it ended up being okay after all.

Whatcha Reading?-July 25, 2022

I recently tore through the Lincoln Lawyer series on audiobook. Total escapism and not necessarily something that is challenging me intellectually, but so much fun! Michael Connelly is truly a master of crime fiction. I’m sad now that I finished the series, so I’m starting to check out some of his other books. I really like how his characters come alive and feel like real, flawed people. I think there is a lot to be learned by the way he writes, and I hope one day I can write something as entertaining.

For today’s prompt, write something in honor of or inspired by someone you’re reading or have read recently. If you’re stuck, try stealing one of the book’s lines to start off your piece.

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A Day of Water-July 24, 2022

Water has been on my mind a lot lately. Drinking enough water, water shortages all over the world, wanting to go visit the water, etc. Today a dear friend invited my family to the pool. Unfortunately, my little guy didn’t want to swim and was clinging to me so much I could barely go into the pool, but it was nice to at least be near the water for a while.

For today’s prompt, write something in which water plays a significant role (plot, symbol, maybe even a character?).

water drop
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Almost Forgotten-July 23, 2022

I was so busy I almost forgot to create a prompt for today. We had book club to discuss Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band, and there was lots of cleaning and shopping prep that needed to happen before everyone came over. I’m super tired, but it was a great evening. Too tired to come up with a super creative prompt, so I’m just going to go with this:

Write about a time when you forgot something important.