What’s in a Name?-June 24, 2022

We have a wonderful “breakfast guy” at work who always makes sure the students, staff, and community have plenty of breakfast foods and snacks. (He also takes care of lunch, but since I only see him in the morning, he is the breakfast guy to me). I always enjoy chatting and gossiping with him before school starts. The funny thing is, he calls me by the wrong name. Although my name is very simple, many people over the course of my life have called me this alternate name. To be honest, I have never really liked my real name and I kind of like this other name better. It has two syllables instead of one, has possibilities for fun nicknames, and it just sounds more elegant. So I haven’t corrected him yet; I have just enjoyed being this other, more elegant and put together version of myself for five minutes every morning. With my alternate name, I imagine myself as a world traveler, a writer, a person who actually speaks other languages instead of just muddling through a bit of conversational Spanish. I wonder if my life would be different had I been named the alternate name instead?

For today’s prompt, write about a name that you often get called by mistake. How do you feel about this?

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