First Job-June 17, 2022

Today I worked with a student to write a resume and begin job searching. As we worked on this task together, I remembered my first job. My cousins owned a European bakery, and they hired me to make coffee and sandwiches and sell pastries. I loved the warm, sweet bakery scents, the brick and stone walls of the old building, and the sound of Ella Fitzgerald resonating through the open dining area. I remember the French woman who always asked for me specifically to make her cappuccino. I remember the holiday pie rush and the never-ending lists of orders tacked to the bulletin board, the line snaking out the door for the bakery’s delicious pies. It was a wonderful first job, and I hope my student and everyone else out there has an opportunity for a similar pleasurable experience.

For today’s prompt, write about your first job (whether good or bad!). If you are a student and haven’t worked yet, imagine your first job.

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