Small Change, Big Difference-June 12, 2022

So recently I ordered a new long-lasting lipstick and I’ve been wearing it every day, even on weekends. This doesn’t seem significant, but I haven’t been wearing any makeup outside of work in quite some time. But I like the color so I’ve been putting it on daily, even if all I’m doing is going on a walk outside. Suddenly, people are stopping to talk to me everywhere. Saying hello, telling me all about their lives, and the best was yesterday morning–I was at Burlington, in deep decision making thought about a windbreaker, and an older woman came up and gave me an honest review of the jacket I was considering. We had a nice conversation, I bought the jacket, and I felt a little bit brighter about the state of the world. All thanks to my “lucky lipstick.” A small change that had a big impact.

Your turn! Your prompt today is to write about something small in your life that had a big impact, for better or worse–you choose. Happy writing!

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