Mythical Creatures-June 30, 2022

So we just finished Who Killed Sara on Netflix and we needed a new show to watch at night to wind down. I saw a recommendation for Legacies and decided to check it out. Great show! We stayed up way too late watching it. As someone who has always been interested in mythology and fantastical creatures, I really enjoyed the different creatures the characters encounter in the show. My favorite so far is the dryad, the spirit of a tree. She was so kind and elegant. Definitely would pick this for a Halloween costume. Her costume in the show was super cool.

For today’s prompt, write about a mythical creature.

Betrayal-June 29, 2022

Okay, so this will be the last day of talking about Girl in a Band-promise! But I just finished the book today and in the last few chapters, Kim Gordon opens up about the end of her long marriage to Thurston Moore, who betrayed her to have an affair with another woman. Gordon’s life was upended and she was deeply hurt and betrayed. Although she is an incredibly strong woman, the death of her marriage was devastating, nonetheless.

For today’s prompt, write about a time when someone betrayed you.

Courage to go for it-June 28, 2022

I’m still reading Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band, and I’m continuing to be struck by how Kim didn’t really see herself as a musician, yet she made this amazing career from her time as a bassist in Sonic Youth. Even though she says she didn’t really have any musical training or talent, what I’m noticing by her story is that she did have courage and authenticity. She just went for it, throwing her entire being into making music and art, not worried about what others were going to say or think. It made me reflect on what is truly possible when we live with courage and stay true to our heart’s desires.

For today’s prompt, write about what you would do if you had the courage to just go for it and live out your heart’s desires.

The Art of Randomness-June 27, 2022

I am currently reading the memoir, Girl in a Band, by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. I’m currently about halfway through the book. In one chapter she recounts the early days of Sonic Youth–writing songs and starting to perform. In some of the band’s first songs, Gordon says that the members of the band all wrote down random lyrics and she “cherry-picked” some from the list, which she goes onto say is a method of working she still uses. Critics praises the lyrics and how “meaningful [they] were, not realizing how randomly they came about in the first place.”

For today’s prompt, channel Kim Gordon and put together some random lines (either from your own writing or you can pull from others) into a poem, song, or piece of prose. See where the art of randomness takes you.

Longing for Rain-June 26, 2022

Another super hot, dry day in California. I have been longing for my favorite weather, rain (but not super cold rain!). I daydream about water-oceans and mist and holding a steaming cup of coffee while walking down a city street, stepping over puddles and feeling drizzle splatter on my face. I don’t think it’s going to come anytime soon, though. We are facing a long, dry season, the only water likely to come from the firefighters hoses as they douse the wildfires that seem to be popping up everywhere. Firework season. I really miss the rain.

Your prompt today: write about your favorite weather.

If I Could Escape-June 25, 2022

Lots of heavy things going on in our country right now. Many people are fighting and protesting, and I admire their strength and determination. But for me, my reaction is more flight than fight, and I’ve been thinking about wanting to escape to a better place for me and my family. Today’s prompt will be short:

If you could escape somewhere right now, where would you go? What do you imagine your life would be like in the new place?

What’s in a Name?-June 24, 2022

We have a wonderful “breakfast guy” at work who always makes sure the students, staff, and community have plenty of breakfast foods and snacks. (He also takes care of lunch, but since I only see him in the morning, he is the breakfast guy to me). I always enjoy chatting and gossiping with him before school starts. The funny thing is, he calls me by the wrong name. Although my name is very simple, many people over the course of my life have called me this alternate name. To be honest, I have never really liked my real name and I kind of like this other name better. It has two syllables instead of one, has possibilities for fun nicknames, and it just sounds more elegant. So I haven’t corrected him yet; I have just enjoyed being this other, more elegant and put together version of myself for five minutes every morning. With my alternate name, I imagine myself as a world traveler, a writer, a person who actually speaks other languages instead of just muddling through a bit of conversational Spanish. I wonder if my life would be different had I been named the alternate name instead?

For today’s prompt, write about a name that you often get called by mistake. How do you feel about this?

Different Paths-June 23, 2022

Today in class a student and I were talking about the different paths that are possible to take during and after high school. I told him a story about a former coworker I had who never graduated from high school due to getting pregnant, but then went on to community college, a four year university, a master’s degree, then into teaching and educational administration. Sometimes the paths we intend to take work out to be something entirely different. There are many different directions we can take, but eventually we can still get to our desired destination. Or maybe we find a new destination that works out even better than our original intention. Or maybe not, but we learn a lot from the experience and grow as a person.

For today’s prompt, write about an unexpected path that you have taken in your life.

The Stowaway-June 22, 2022

Today we took a field trip at my school, and we ended up with an extra student who was discovered when we arrived at the destination. The student claims it was her first day at the school; I haven’t heard yet if the story checked out, but it was definitely suspicious! But it gave me the idea for today’s prompt:

Write about a time when you went somewhere (intentionally or unintentionally) where you were not supposed to be.

Crazy Mad-June 21, 2022

Today one of my students told me a couple of stories about crazy things she did when she was really mad at her boyfriend. I won’t give away too much incriminating information here, but let’s just say there was a lot of damage done to both his body and his home. Her stories gave me the idea for today’s prompt.

Write about a time when you were so angry that you did something crazy, or something that you later regretted.